Serve warm or cold drink within one’s breakfast, pastry, butter, honey and jam. Guests can choose from the following menu:

  • Vegetable dish: tomato, paprika, cucumber, cheese
  • Dinner plate: tomato, paprika, cucumber, ham, salami, cheese
  • Omelette with Ham
  • Scrambled eggs on butter (3 eggs)
  • Scrambled eggs on onion (3 eggs )
  • Scrambled eggs on onion and ham (3 eggs)
  • Softboiled eggs (3 eggs)
  • Hardboiled eggs (3 eggs)
  • Spis region´s franks with mustard/ketchup (3pcs)
  • Cereals + 2 dcl milk

Breakfast is served from 8 o’clock in the morning, or at other times by prior arrangement.
Price: 3,50 €


The village has one restaurant, where a choice of two soups and five main meals is served daily, except on weekends.
Opening hours: 10:00 – 14:00.

Further restaurants and hotels can be found in Čingov region, and also a little chalet offering traditional Slovak specialities.